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Specialty: Jackie has a strong background and interest in group fitness with additional training in body image, nutrition, TRX, kettlebells, prenatal and postpartum fitness and special medical considerations. She is also our Fitness & Wellness Director.

Education: Jackie has her Bachelors of Science in Psychology, and holds Personal Training and Group Exercise Certifications from NETA. Jackie has been leading group fitness for over 14 years!

Availability: Closed to new clients at this time.



Specialty: Donielle has been teaching group fitness here at the Winona Y since June 2015 and joined the personal trainer team in July 2018.

Education: Donielle is a YMCA-ACE certified Group Fitness instructor and Strength and Conditioning coach. Donielle is also certified in Arthritis Foundations and NETA Senior Fitness.

Availability: Closed to new clients at this time.



Specialty/Interests: Amanda enjoys playing volleyball, pickleball, boxing, and swing dancing. Amanda also teaches our Line Dancing Class. 

Education: Amanda McPhail is a certified YMCA-ACE Strength & Conditioning Personal Trainer. She has her BA in Psychology and Sociology as well as her Graduate Degree in Alcohol & Drug Counseling. 

Schedule/Availability: New clients welcome at this time.

M-F mornings. Weekend availability by request.



Specialty: Melissa has been leading group fitness for over 2 years, and can be found teaching HIIT, Group Cycling, and Aqua Fit. “I am especially passionate about helping people find a workout that is challenging, and helps them find love and enjoyment for their body and all it is capable of”.

Education: Melissa is YMCA-ACE Strength and Conditioning certified.

Schedule: Closed to new clients at this time. 



Specialty: Lisa is a fitness enthusiast with personal experience in group classes, postpartum/prenatal, personal training and fitness competitions. 

Education: Lisa is a YMCA-ACE certified Strength and Conditioning trainer and NETA certified cycle instructor. She has been teaching group fitness classes for 5 years!

Availability: Not accepting new clients at this time.



Specialty: Cherie has spent over 15 years personally studying and implementing nutrition, running, and functional fitness. She was a high school cross country coach for 10 years, and has helped many adults with their running form and training plans as well. Though her first love was running, she has grown in her experience of many kinds of fitness, including strength and conditioning and helping people achieve physique goals with a positive mindset. Cherie is also extremely passionate about helping people enjoy the process and showing them that fitness is a lifelong endeavor.

Education: Cherie is a Certified Personal Trainer through International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). She is also in the process of becoming certified in Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning, and Body Building through ISSA. 

Availability: Substitute and casual on call for personal training at this time.



Specialty: Josh has been teaching group fitness classes at the Winona Y since 2017. “I am passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals, staying healthy, and living their best life”.

Education: Josh is a certified personal trainer through Y-ACE Strength and Conditioning.

Availability: Monday-Thursday anytime after 5:00 p.m., Friday daytime availability 9-11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on. Weekends available, and mornings by request. New clients are welcome at this time.



Specialty: Jordan has been a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness instructor for 5 years prior to joining the YMCA team. Jordan has a passion for weight training, especially powerlifting. “We all have to start somewhere. Invest in your health, and learn how to do it safely and properly with me”.

Education: Jordan is a graduate of Winona State with a Bachelors of Science in Community Health, and is YMCA-ACE Certified Personal Trainer.

Availability: Closed to new clients at this time.



Specialty: Very early on in my own fitness journey, I realized that having someone to help me out and keep me motivated made a world of difference. We all have hidden potential and I look forward to helping others find that potential through a healthy active lifestyle. If you are just starting out or if you are looking to take the next step towards your fitness goals, I’m here to help! 

Education: Y-USA Strength & Conditioning Certified Personal Trainer. 

Availability: New clients are welcome.

Mon-Fri 6-8:30 a.m, Mon-Fri 4:30-9pm, Sun 10-5p.m.



Specialty: Hailey is interested in TRX and has incorporated it into a lot of her client workouts, as well as leads our small group TRX sessions. Hailey will also be substituting some of our Group Fitness classes and can work with all ages and populations. 

Education: Hailey is a YMCA-ACE certified Strength and Conditioning Personal Trainer, has completed a Movement Science internship here at the Y, and is in the process of of obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Movement Science. 

Availability: New clients welcome at this time.

Monday 8am-10am, Monday 4pm-8pm, Tuesday 4pm-8pm, Wednesday 8-10am, Wednesday 5-8pm, Thursday 5-8pm, Friday 10am-2:30pm, and weekends by request. 




Specialty: Kenzie has experience working with people of all ages and all levels of fitness in both one-on-one sessions and Group Fitness. “I’m excited to be a part of the YMCA family. I look forward to walking alongside every member to give them the opportunity to fulfill their health and fitness goals”.

Education: Kenzie has graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science at Winona State University. Kenzie is a YMCA-ACE certified Personal Trainer.

Availability: Limited Spots Available. 6:00AM - 8:00AM weekday mornings, and weekends upon request.

Join Kenzie for Group Cycle Saturdays 9-9:30 a.m.



Specialty: Ike has 9 years of strength and conditioning training experience, and is also a football, wrestling, and track & field coach. Ike is also a former collegiate football player, and is passionate about helping people progress to reach their goals and their full potential, regardless of age or ability.

Education: Ike has his Bachelors of Applied Science in Physical Education, Masters of Science in Education, and is IYCA certified in speed and agility. He is also certified through ACE’s Foundations of Strength and Conditioning.

Availability: Closed to new clients at this time.


Nathan K.

Specialty: Nathan knows his way around the weight room. He's been a member for years and is a self-motivated and determined personal trainer here to help reach your fitness and wellness goals. 

Education: Bachelors of science, Public Health. YMCA-ACE Certified Personal Trainer. 

Availability: New clients welcome. 

Monday-Friday 4:30-7:30, Sat-Sun by request. 




Specialty: I believe the most important thing about fitness is consistency and understanding that exercise is ultimately about staying healthy and feeling good. I want nothing more than to help you understand what type of exercises work best for you. I am excited to be along with you through your journey of health and wellness!

Education: Bachelor of Science in exercise science (May 2023) from Winona State University, YMCA Foundations of Strength and Conditioning certification

Availability: Open to new clients.

Tuesdays 8am-11am, Friday 8am-4pm

Nathan C.

Specialty: At a young age, I realized the importance of surrounding yourself with people who want to see you grow. When I started my strength training journey I came accustomed to the culture at the gym, which was filled with like-minded individuals who wanted to grow as well. Having the stability of positive reinforcement pushed me even when I failed, which was fuel to success. My goal is to empower those around me and help them achieve their highest potential. I am excited to achieve desired goals and help others gain confidence in their fitness journeys.

Education: Y-USA Strength and Conditioning Certified Personal Trainer

Availability: M-F: 10a-2p 6p-8p, Saturday: 4p-8p, Sunday: 6p-8p